General Guidelines

General Guidelines

Timings: – The college working hours are 9 to 5 and college is operational from Monday to Friday.

Uniform: – Uniform is prescribed for attending practical classes and theory classes. The institute in this regard shall make details available at the time of induction and in respective practical classes.

Grooming:- Proper grooming standards are to be followed as per the practical class. 

Ragging: – Ragging is absolutely banned in the institute. Students indulging in ragging will be dealt strictly as per instructions and directions of honorable Supreme Court of India  

Rules and Regulations

Violations of the code include, but are not limited to, the behavior outlined below.  The administration may, at its discretion, bring charges against any student who conducts himself or herself in violation of the Institute rules or regulations.  Any student found to have committed the following misconduct is subject to the disciplinary actions.

Rule 1 Any behavior in such a manner that threatens or endangers the health or safety of oneself or others, whether actual or implied, or results in personal injury to oneself or others.  So any physical misconduct, verbal misconduct and threatings, harassments will be strictly dealt with.

Rule 2  Possession or use of any type of firearms, knives (except knives specifically required by the Institute’s for laboratory classes) or  any other weapon or instrument which could be used to inflict injury, or which might cause a person to believe he or she may be in danger of being harmed.

Rule 3 The possession, solicitation, sale, distribution or use of any illegal drugs or Alcohol is the Violation of Code of Conduct.

Rule 4 Behavior, on or off campus, which would tend to damage the reputation of the Institute or its students, or which would tend to cause any injury or hardship to anyone is a punishable offence.

Rule 5 Attempted or actual theft of Institute property or property of a member of the service or unauthorized use of Institute property, equipment, facilities, or services is again the violation of code of conduct.

Rule 6 Vandalism, defacement, damage to, or careless use of any part of Institute premises or the personal property of any member of the college community.

Rule7 Tampering with or damaging any mechanism that is part of the fire suppression system (fire extinguisher) including willfully, or through negligence.  The violations listed above are very serious, potentially endangering all campus residents.  Thus sanctions can include fines as high as Rs/- 2,000, dismissal from the college.

Rule 8 Furnishing false information to the Institute or making false statements or reports to Institute officials; engaging in forgery, alteration, or improper use of any Institute  record, key(s), identification card, or other document; withholding information a student knew or reasonably should have known to disclose to the college law.

Rule 9 Failure to comply with directions of, or interference with, any Institute official, faculty or staff member, including the failure to properly identify oneself or to produce an identification card when requested to do so.

Rule 10 Violations of the Professionalism, Uniform, and Hygiene Policy.

Rule 11 Unprofessional conduct, including but not limited to, the use of foul language, insulting  behavior, or other personal conduct (including spitting in public areas, or discarding cigarette butts or litter on the ground, in wooded areas and ponds, or otherwise not in proper receptacles) which would tend to demean the reputation of IHM students, staff, faculty, visitors, or guests; failure to honor part-time or volunteer work commitments to IHM offices or to attend scheduled job interviews arranged through the Office of Career Services.


Rule 12 Participation in a campus activity or demonstration which disrupts the normal operations of the IHM and infringes upon the rights of other members of the college community; leading or inciting others to disrupt scheduled and/or normal activities within any campus building or area; intentional obstruction which unreasonably interferes with freedom of movement, either pedestrian or vehicular, on campus.

Rule 13 Theft or other abuse of computer time or phone service.

Rule 14 No candidate will be allowed to do any part time jobs or any other course of education along with the training. Students will be given opportunity to do outdoor caterings in the various reputed hotels and catering establishment only. This is a part of the practical training and students are expected to make full use of the opportunity. No unauthorized ODC’s will be allowed.

Rule 15 As per the examination guidelines of national council for Hotel Management, a minimum of 75% attendance in aggregate and 70% in individual subject is mandatory to appear in the examination. Passing marks, completion of training etc will be intimated by respective faculty in class and through notice board.


  1. The hostel accommodation will be given to the students on the merit basis and as per seats allocated department-wise by the Institute authority.
  2. The students will have to continue for full session, who are allocated seats in the hostel.
  3. The institute will provide sharing accommodation and beds, chairs & tables to the hostlers. However, the bedding, linen, thermos, tumbler, bucket, mug etc will be brought by the student. The student will be responsible for the Upkeep of the Institute property and the articles issued for use in the hostel, any type of damage to the property/articles the cost will be recovered from the students.
  4. The hostlers are not allowed to keep any valuable articles such as jewelry, heavy cash, expensive electrical/electronic gadgets etc. in the rooms. The institute under no circumstances will be responsible for any loss of any valuable articles; however, any hostlers found to be violating of the above rules will be liable for disciplinary action.
  5. Consumption of alcoholic drinks, drugs and gambling are prohibited. Bottles other than Plastic are not allowed to be kept in the room. Objectionable materials (magazine/CDs/Weapons etc.) are not allowed to be kept in the hostel room.
  6. All hostlers should carry their identity cards issued by the Institute, even while going out or to the mess. During free times the students are not permitted to wonder in the other parts of the Institute building.
  7.   Hostel students should not write anything on the walls, doors, or windows or cause any damage to the institute Property. Shouting / demonstration is prohibited.
  8. No Electrical appliances are permitted to be used in the rooms like electrical Kettle, Iron etc. In case of any default, the students will be liable for fine or disciplinary action as decided by the Institute Authority.
  9. The Hostlers will submit the form/undertaking in Duplicate duly filled in all respect along with photographs, Specimen signatures of the visitors who will be authorized to meet the hostlers by their parents or guardians. No person other than the authorized ones will be allowed to meet the hostellers.
  10.  Non Hostellers and guests are not allowed to visit/stay in the girl’s hostel. In case any outsiders/ day scholars founds visiting/ sitting in anyone’s room will be liable for fine as or disciplinary action as decided by the Principal.
  11. Students are required to instruct their friends and relatives not to call them on the office telephone during working hours unless in case of emergency.
  12. The students are required to keep their rooms locked while going outside. The students are further required to be economical as far as possible in using the water and electricity and keep their rooms clean and tidy all the times. The hostellers are not allowed to use any type of heater/ stove/electoral gadget/ meddle with the fittings in their rooms.
  13. Ragging is not permitted anyone found indulging in such activities will be liable for severe disciplinary action.
  14. The hostellers are not allowed to keep any type of vehicle in the institute. In case anybody wants to keep / use the vehicle he will have to take prior permission from the principal for the same.
  15. The dining in the Mess is compulsory for all the students residing in the hostel and accommodation. The other rules of dining in the mess and timings will be intimated by the Mess In charge separately.
  16. The Hostellers must leave the Hostel at 8.45 AM on working days to attend the Assembly/ Classes.
  17. Any change in the rule and regulation will be intimated from time to time.
  18. Students seeking hostel facility must submit the latest and accurate residential addresses and phone numbers/ mobile numbers of the local guardian without this hostel facility will not be provided.